Aussies Love Our Cheese

In 2016 following an extensive piece of consumer research, Woolworths Australia, the Supermarket giant, introduced its own range of privately branded products without the Woolworths logo. The products included everything from cat and dog food to Christmas puddings, milk and cheese.

The range was developed after insights from consumers showed that while they believed Woolworths Australia delivered quality and value, some consumers still preferred not to have the retailer's brand on the products they bought as home brands carry a stigma of being cheap and nasty. 

Woolworths developed phantom brands with no connection to Woolworths branding. This provided customers with a product that looked like a national brand but was much cheaper.  

Hillview Cheese Range

It was this research and development that Woolworths’ national branded cheese was launched, called Hillview.

The Hillview cheese range was launched in 2016 and consisted of both a 1kg block and 700g of shredded cheddar cheese. Open Country worked with a repacker in Australia in late 2017 to start supplying some of the cheddar needed to meet the demand for Hillview.

Story Hillview Cheese Pack

From the get-go, Open Country established a steady and growing cheddar cheese supply into Australia. Discussions with Woolworths led to the decision to reformulate the cheddar cheese we supplied to better represent the brand values of Hillview and to make a more cost-effective cheddar.

Through the diligence of Dr Anil Kaw, Open Country’s General Manager Innovation, Chris Vickers, our cheesemaker, and the rest of the cheese team, who did many trials to reformulate the cheddar, Open Country is now delivering a consistent mild cheddar that meets the Woolworths brief.

With sales continuing to grow, a review of the Woolworths website in Australia shows the Hillview cheese has been extremely well received by consumers: