High quality dairy ingredients from a partner you can count on to deliver

About Us

Open Country represents the very best of the New Zealand dairy industry. We are New Zealand’s second largest milk processor and the world’s second largest exporter of whole milk powder.

We collaborate with our clients, listen to their feedback, and work hard to ensure we develop products that consistently deliver on their quality expectations and evolving needs.

100% New Zealand

We’re here to make a real difference, recognising that New Zealand’s strong primary industry is the backbone of our economy, and will continue its leading role into the future.

100% New Zealand-based and family owned, we work hand in hand with our customers across the globe to understand the ingredients they need. Smart and flexible partnerships, and a little Kiwi ingenuity, go a long way.

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Invested In Our Future

In New Zealand, milk production and dairy processing have a long history, and are today among the most productive and innovative in the world. Here, dairy farmers and processors apply a culture of continuous improvement and flexibility to evolve and future-proof their businesses.

We at Open Country do the same because we believe that dairy ingredients, from milk powder to protein, milk fat and cheese, have the potential to nurture and enrich the lives of people around the world for generations to come. Open Country is fully committed to growing our business in line with market and customer demands. You can count on us to drive the future of sustainable dairy processing further.

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AwaRua Organics

2018 was an exciting year for Open Country; we launched our brand AwaRua Organics after a two-year conversion process of a group of Southland farms and our Awarua processing plant to become ‘certified organic’.

Consumers in New Zealand, Australia and China love our range of premium organic milk powders, sold under the AwaRua Organics brand for their luxuriously creamy taste. Since 2021, this range of powdered milk products includes products that are made from organic A2 protein milk.

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