We produce our dairy ingredients in the heartlands of New Zealand dairy

From New Zealand to the World

New Zealand’s dairy cows graze on lush green pastures all year round. Several regions across the country from north to south provide the ideal climatic conditions for grass growth and farming.

Open Country’s manufacturing sites are located at the centre of these dairying regions, close to our suppliers. Our national footprint provides us continuity of supply, even under harsh seasonal conditions or adverse weather events.

Location Auckland


Our company head office is based in Auckland, New Zealand's largest business centre. This ensures we keep our finger on the pulse of the global dairy market.

Location Horotiu


On the west bank of the Waikato River, New Zealand’s longest river, on the Waikato Plains, Horotiu is a small township in an area that has long been associated with dairying.

Our Horotiu site is the newest of our four processing sites, opened in 2019, and specialises in the manufacture of whole milk powders including bulk packaging.

Location Waharoa


Home to the majestic Kaimai ranges and the hub of upper North Island dairying, our Waharoa site is conveniently located to take advantage of some of the country’s most productive dairy farms.

Open Country Waharoa employs state of the art technology providing the ultimate flexibility to produce cheese, powders, milk fats and proteins.

Location Wanganui


A rich dairying history, fertile volcanic soils and a plentiful supply of rainfall make the historic town of Whanganui the perfect home for our whole milk powder plant.

Our Whanganui plant specialises in the manufacture of low thermophile and high heat, heat stable whole milk powders.

Location Awarua


With a reputation for good rainfall and great farming, Awarua is the perfect South Island location for our dairy production site.

Our Awarua site runs three milk powder dryers and is ‘certified organic’ by AsureQuality. The site specialises in the manufacture of low thermophile and high heat, heat stable whole milk and skim milk powders and manufactures our organic and organic A2 protein milk powders.