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Open Country produces a wide range of dairy ingredients that are used in the manufacture of foods, beverages and nutritional products. The superior functionalities of our dairy products make them an ideal ingredient in many applications, in any climate and under the harshest conditions. 

Open Country operates seven powder dryers and a cheese plant spread across New Zealand’s preeminent dairying regions, with a combined capacity of over 280,000 tonnes of powdered milk products and 40,000 tonnes of cheese.

Milk Powder

Our milk powders are made from high quality, raw milk, which has been standardised, pasteurised, evaporated, and spray dried for consistency. We specialise in the manufacture of milk powders (WMP and SMP) for superior UHT and high heat, heat stable manufacturing performance. Our instant whole milk powders are known for their rich, creamy flavour and are used for repacking without further processing.

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Milk Protein

Open Country milk proteins are soluble spray dried powders with a minimum of 34% protein and made from the finest quality whey concentrate. They are manufactured under the highest global standards of hygiene and food safety and provide a superior source of protein fortification for nutritional products. The significant amounts of calcium and other minerals are added advantages when fortifying food products.

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Open Country’s cheeses are crafted to delight palates around the world. We manufacture a range of dry-salt cheddar cheeses from fresh pasteurised New Zealand milk. We specialise in table grade cheeses and also produce a range of cheese for processing applications, including cheddar and mozzarella curds.

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Milk Fat

Our milk fats are high quality pure butter fats produced from top quality cream.

Made from the freshest milk collected from the lush farms surrounding our accredited processing facility, Open Country milk fats have a clean and buttery flavour, and are free from preservatives and additives.

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Open Country can produce milk powders to certified organic standards. Our organic powdered milk products meet the NZ Ministry for Primary Industry Technical Rules for Organic Products (EU and Switzerland OMAR), the AsureQuality Organic Standard and the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) GB/T 19630-2019 Organic Standard.

We are in a unique position to access the largest pool of Organic A2 Protein milk in the Southern Hemisphere providing a high quality alternative to conventional milk for nutritional products.

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Quality Dairy Ingredients

We pride ourselves in producing milk powders and proteins, milk fats and cheeses that represent the high level of quality in the New Zealand dairy industry. Our quality focus starts with our farmers, who supply premium New Zealand milk all year round.

The quality of our farmer supplier’s milk combined with our state-of-the-art processing technology ensure the consistency and reliability of our products. Our ingredients are produced to international Halal and can be produced to international Kosher certifications.

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Custom Specifications

At Open Country, a dedicated team works with our customers to establish their product needs. Our flexibility exceeds our broad product offering and allows us to find suitable commercial solutions for your business.

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