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Your Trusted Partner

To manufacture and distribute consistent, top-quality, nutritional dairy products requires invested partners. This is why we do things differently. Our farmer suppliers are genuine business partners, who are treated with respect. With us, your views matter and you are rewarded for the contribution you make.


Open Country was founded by a group of people with the strong belief that dairy farmers in New Zealand should be able to choose their dairy manufacturer – a recipe for success with more than 1,000 farmers now delivering their high quality milk to one of our four manufacturing sites. We give our farmer suppliers genuine choice, superior cash flow, proven performance and more control over their business.

Your Cash Flow

We understand cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and our settlement system is designed to keep the cash flowing. Our innovative payment system returns the money back to you sooner, with regular settlement payments rather than a seasonal milk price. 


With Open Country, you can significantly increase your available working capital. Without the need to invest in shares, you unlock equity on your farm. Whether you invest it in your business or your family’s future is up to you; at least you have the choice.

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Your Choice

Open Country gives you genuine choice about how much milk you produce. There are no caps or quotas – you produce, we pay. We also reward you for high quality milk.

You Are In Control

Through open, transparent and timely communication, we ensure you are always in the best position to make decisions for you and your business. Our Hotwire Portal and our Open Country Mobile App are available wherever you are. Our app is the first of its kind to provide global financial insight and forecasts, all in one place.

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Want To Learn More?

We have a passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated team ready to talk to you. It is easy to arrange a no-obligation chat by contacting one of our milk supply team.

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