Superior quality dairy ingredients to bring out the best in our customers products

Making Quality Products

Our story starts on farm, the place where the premium raw milk is harvested that is made into some of the world’s best dairy ingredients. Packed with the goodness of milk and carefully processed to deliver superior quality, taste and consistency, Open Country’s premium range of dairy ingredients go on the journey to our customers around the world, to be made into fine regional foods and beverages that consumers love.

High nutritional value, superior functionality and the sensory characteristics of our products make them an ideal ingredient in many applications. Are you looking for texture and flavour, luxuriously creamy mouthfeel, or premium quality and consistency? Our ingredient solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers and with their changing needs and requirements in mind.


Yoghurt & Cultured Products

Add the taste of New Zealand dairy to your products with Open Country’s premium ingredients, which have a similar flavour and functional properties to fresh milk. Our scientifically designed ingredients are suitable for cultured dairy products such a yoghurt and other recombined dairy products.

Cultured Products


Enhanced stability of our milk powders in hot beverages without compromising the flavour and nutritional value make them the best choice for this application while delivering the goodness of dairy.

Evaporated & Condensed Milk

The heat treatment and heat stability of our high heat milk powders provide the shelf life and functional requirements for the manufacture of high quality evaporated and condensed milk products.

Products For Condensed Milk

UHT Products

Our milk powders, specifically designed for UHT applications, have a fresh, rich and creamy flavour, and facilitate smooth processing with minimal fouling, resulting in efficient manufacturing of UHT products. 

Infant Nutrition

Our whole milk and whey powders are manufactured in facilities which comply with stringent food safety and quality standards. All Open Country sites hold FSSC22000 certification.

This ensures our powders deliver high quality nutritional value when they are rehydrated and pasteurised by our customers into baby formulations.


For repacking into consumer applications without further processing, Open Country manufactures a range of dairy products, including instant milk powders with a rich, creamy flavour, and dry-salt table grade cheeses (Cheddar, Colby, Edam).

Dry Blending

Our regular and instant milk powders comply to the strictest microbiological requirements set for dry blending and have good flow properties and desired particle size which make them the ideal choice for dry blending applications.

Confectionery & Desserts

Our superior range of milk powders and anhydrous milk fats when formulated in confectionery products perform exceptionally well in the manufacturing process and give desired texture, creaminess, rich mouthfeel and a typical milky flavour to the finished product.

Products For Desserts


Valued for their excellent flavour, nutritional qualities and versatility, Open Country’s dairy ingredients are perfectly suited to the complex needs of baked goods and quick service restaurant goods.

Dairy Consumer 2

Custom Specifications

At Open Country, a dedicated team works closely with our customers to establish their product needs. Using an adaptive approach and customer-focused flexibility, we can help find suitable commercial solutions for your specific product and manufacturing requirements.

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