You can count on us to drive the future of sustainable dairy processing for generations to come

Future Focused

At Open Country, we believe that our future is our responsibility. How we operate our business and the decisions we make affects our environment, our animals, our people and relationships, and our long-term success. We focus our efforts where we can make the biggest difference.

Our Culture

We foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement to ensure a sustainable future for food supply. This means that our team is always seeking smarter ways to operate through better processes and new technology, to being socially responsible and sourcing our raw materials ethically, without compromising on product quality and food safety.

Carbon Zero Programme 2050

Open Country is working to protect and enhance the natural environment and to reduce the impact of our supply chain. To reduce our reliance on coal, we have installed the largest electrode boiler in New Zealand to supply steam to our latest milk powder plant in Southland. We have also started converting our two coal boilers at our Waharoa site to use wood pellets or new biomass technology.

Plant Horotiu 2

Re-use, Recycle, Recover

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and to upgrading our plants through engineering design improvements, so that we can capture, recycle and reuse heat, steam, hot water and chemicals at every source. We minimise any waste created from our operations by maximising the re-use, recycle and recovery of material from all production streams.

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Sustainability Electrode Boiler

Our Awarua Electrode Boiler is the first of its kind to be used by a dairy company to supply steam to a milk powder dryer.

Supporting Our Farmers

Healthy cows on well-kept farms ensure the best quality milk is produced for our products. Open Country’s farmer suppliers have a strong focus on animal husbandry and care and are continually improving their practices.

In New Zealand, the most efficient producer of low-emissions dairy milk in the world*, we are committed to reducing emissions from agriculture through the He Waka Eke Noa programme. Open Country supports our farmer suppliers in achieving their targets under the Freshwater Legislation and Zero Carbon Bill. We ensure our farmer suppliers have the tools, resources and support to meet their environmental obligations.

*Andre Mazzetto, Shelley Falconer and Stewart Ledgard; Mapping the carbon footprint of milk for dairy cows; Agresearch Report for DairyNZ, RE450/2020/081 , February 2021

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Milk Tanker 1 full

Clean Transportation

Our trucking operation only invests in Euro 6 technology to improve our freight footprint significantly. Euro 6-Standard milk tankers are less polluting and more fuel efficient.