New Online Trading Platform ‘Delivers The Goods’ To Open Country Customers

A new online trading platform is providing Open Country’s international ingredients customers with easy and exclusive 24/7 access to its range of quality dairy ingredients from their chosen device.

Developed in New Zealand, Open Country Milk Market Partnership (Open Country MMP) offers the full range of the company’s powders, cheese, WPC and AMF.

But it doesn’t stop there. Open Country MMP is also providing some of the world’s largest brands with valuable market insights to aid their decision making, while giving them the security of a proven online trading solution.

“With a few clicks of a button, registered customers can secure our products at an agreed price with clear and transparent information around shipping and logistics,” says Open Country Market Manager Alex Hume.

“For our larger customers who are already familiar with these types of portals, Open Country MMP makes Open Country more competitive and accessible compared to the traditional way of selling via emails and phone calls. It really has changed the way we do business.”

Customer driven solution 

To develop a world-leading commodity-trading platform, Open Country’s first step was to approach its customers and ask what features they wanted in an online trading platform.

The answers were simple. 

Give us 24-hour access to Open Country’s premium dairy ingredients. Provide clear product specifications. Show us the volume of product on sale. Give us a reference price point. State when we can expect delivery. Let us bid anonymously. Make trading transparent from start to finish. Make it quick and easy to use.

“Open Country MMP is all that and more,” says Alex. “All our customers, large and small, have access to Open Country’s ingredients at the same time, wherever they are in the world.

“The process is completely transparent. As they bid for the products, other customers can see how much product is being demanded and what price they are willing to pay.”

Nurturing relationships

Alex says the digital, self-serve nature of Open Country MMP allows the business to reach a large number of customers in all regions around the world, easily and quickly.

“Open Country MMP actually frees up our people to focus more on nurturing relationships with our customers rather than it being simply transactional. Although Open Country MMP digitises our sales process, it’s important we don’t lose the valuable interpersonal connections we have with our customers.”

Alex says Open Country has grown significantly in size and reputation over the last 15 years. Taking its ingredients trading online was the logical next step in the company’s evolution.

“Building strong partnerships with both our farmer suppliers and our customers is the foundation of our business. And we’re pretty proud of that.

“We really listen and look for opportunities to add more value to our customer’s business. Open Country MMP is an example of this commitment. Based on the feedback we have received from our customers so far, we are confident we are ‘delivering the goods’ in more ways than one.”

Customers who are interested to participate in this new way of purchasing Open Country’s quality dairy ingredients, please contact your Market Manager today. The access to Open Country MMP is free but certain criteria apply.

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