Open Country Launches Innovative New Customer Portal

Open Country has proudly launched a new customer portal, Open Country Hub. This launch has been a major milestone for Open Country’s digitalisation plans to better serve customers and our stakeholders are already seeing the benefits of optimised communication and real time updates.

Open Country surveyed its customers and asked how business could be made better for them. This prompted the following responses:

  • Allow complete transparency at every stage of our orders, from the moment we buy to the minute our products arrive at port.
  • Make it easy for us to lodge case queries and allow us to track every interaction through to resolution.
  • Provide us with quick market and product insights that will help our decision making.

After listening, “Open Country Hub,” online self-service platform was built.

Launch & Development

Following months of testing, the Open Country Hub was successfully launched to all customers in October. The response has been exceptional.

Even so, phase 2 upgrades are already under way. Sales Support Manager, Nirusha Orawatte explains the evolution.

“Early conversations with customers enabled us to create the Hub. Keeping these conversations going continues to show us how we can develop the platform even further. We’re listening. Once we have understood the refinements our customers want, we’ll give them an even better version of the Hub.”


In a world where global supply-chains are frequently disrupted, real-time information is the new gold currency for customers. By integrating every logistical point of an order, Open Country Hub enables customers to track their products through each stage of the journey.



Make a query, track the response

Global distribution requires tremendous organisation. However, it does come with complexities. To boost convenience and confidence in the process, customers asked for a mechanism that allowed them visibility and to monitor the progress of their queries with Open Country. 

The Open Country Hub provides transparency through a sequential tracking of every stage in the query process with real time updates and all necessary documents linked in a single place. We have already seen the benefits of these efficiencies.

What’s going on in the world?

Dairy customers constantly look for market insights and product information to aid in their purchasing decisions: from milk trends to product specifications and details, there are numerous factors that require consideration.

 To find relevant information, customers had little choice but to email suppliers or carry out multi-site web searches. Now, all data is collated into Open Country Hub’s Insight section. With the Hub’s easy search features, customers can quickly locate specific information without the back-and-forth noise of email correspondence.


The construction of the Open Country Hub emphasises the importance Open Country places on continuous improvement and adding value for our customers around the world.

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