At Open Country, you can count on us to deliver, to adapt and to put you first. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders and our family-based values our people are focused on building partnerships that you can count on to add value to your business. 

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Our dairy products are valued for their superior quality, taste and consistency, and suit many food, beverage and nutritional applications.

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We Listen

Our farmer suppliers are genuine business partners, who are treated with respect. With us, your views matter and you are rewarded for the contribution you make.

We give our farmers genuine choice, superior cash flow, proven performance and more control over their business.

If you want to benefit from a truly collaborative partnership contact us.

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We export our premium dairy products made from high-quality New Zealand milk to over 50 markets throughout the world.

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Sustainable Future

We are committed to operating sustainably from an environmental, social and economic standpoint, and to assisting our farmer suppliers in meeting their environmental obligations. New Zealand is the perfect environment to produce high-quality, safe products for everyone to enjoy and our team operates with a sustainable future for food supply in mind.

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Our Stories

Creating a Space Where Dairying & The Environment Can Thrive

Open Country’s Environment and Sustainability Manager Caleb Higham works every day to find a balance between the worlds of dairy farming and the environment.

When it comes to farming and the environment, Caleb knows his stuff.

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Hayden Paddon Getaway Prize Winners

Speaking to the lucky winners of the Hayden Paddon getaway, there was nothing but fantastic feedback from the group. For many of these Open Country suppliers, this was their first-time off-farm in a very long time, thanks to lockdowns and calving.

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Increasing Exports During A Global Pandemic

As the world’s worst pandemic created global supply chain chaos, Open Country transported a record 321,000 tonnes of dairy during 2020/21. That’s a 6% increase on the previous season.

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Open Country Cheese Masters Recognised On World Stage

Open Country has won three awards at this year’s prestigious International Cheese and Dairy Awards in Nantwich in England. The showcase is the world’s largest platform on which world class cheese producers are championed.

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Quality Dairy Ingredients

By combining high-quality New Zealand raw milk with state-of-the-art evaporation and spray-drying technology, our team of dairy experts ensures the highest level of quality is maintained to produce our premium dairy ingredients.

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